Branding, Brand Creation, Repositioning & Development

The "brand" extends far beyond your logo and your company colours to embody everything you do and, most importantly, how you do it.

To summarise what we do, we create and develop stronger brands.

Being a leading branding agency in Milton Keynes, we help our clients to create new brands for their business, product or service and to refresh and revitalise tired brands that are losing their way in a changing marketplace.

Any branding process is hugely important and we are highly experienced in guiding you through the right approach, versus the wrong approach.

The process typically involves a process of research and engagement to understand your proposition, culture and values and to involve, and ‘on-board’, the stakeholders who need to be; it is of great importance that everyone who needs to believes in the new brand.

Our team of brand consultants, coupled with our designers, has a goal of communicating your compelling difference and, where there is not one that is obvious, to help you find or create it – and to get everyone buying in.

Our process usually covers all aspects of an identity (or logo), colours, typefaces, image and messaging that tends to be encapsulated in a guidelines document and a toolkit of assets and templates. With our branding agency, our approach is to not just provide you with a new brand image but to engage and empower you and your team with all of the tools you need to roll it out with maximum positive impact and to maintain it with rigorous consistency.

We create a great new brand and really help you to maximise the value of it.

Whether you need a logo updating, or you require a completely new brand with comprehensive guidelines and a suite of assets, we engage with your management team and deliver effectively.


We help you get your brand right, inside and out, long-term.


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  • Branding and Brand Creation

  • Brand Transitioning & Repositioning

  • Brand Strategy Writing

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  • General Logo Design

  • Corporate & Style Guidelines

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