TFA was approached by Newlyn, a debt management agency, who wanted a fresh approach brought to their branding, image and website in order to improve the visual way in which they engage with very different groups of stakeholders.

A softer and friendlier balance to debt recovery branding.

Newlyn is a well-established debt management agency, known for its personable and effective debt recovery for local authorities. They wanted a new and original approach for their website so both councils and debtors (wishing to use the site to pay off their debt) would find it approachable, hassle-free and information easy to find.

Our team of graphic designers created two concepts which moved away from traditional colours, imagery and tone of voice that competitors favoured. They embodied a friendly and soft approach, with the aim for a debtor to feel supported and find Newlyn a help rather than an obstacle, and for local authorities to have the trust that Newlyn will collect what is owed. 

To entirely sell the new website design, we approached Newlyn, to ask as to whether they wanted to renew their logo to bring it from looking dated, to more current. Once this was agreed, we created a series of different options and then presented our favoured design across the website concepts.

Presenting website visuals in a more meaningful and interactive way.

TFA also created walkthrough of how easy we could make the payment process for the debtor, embodying its proposed new look. Newlyn was impressed by the lengths we took to sell the unique experience for both Debtors and Councils, and it gave our team a real challenge to tackle a project with such sensitivity behind it.

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