Mortgage Buddy

Mortgage Buddy, an online mortgage broker, approached TFA to help with lead generation through PPC and social media. Within just 3 weeks, we already surpassed their goals and slashed their advertising costs.

Effective PPC advertising is an enormously complex task, so Mortgage Buddy came to TFA for expert guidance.

They wanted to push a range of services for who are in particular circumstances when applying for a mortgage such as having a poor credit history or being self-employed.

They came to us with a paid ad budget and asked for help getting more leads; we suggested a paid social media campaign to engage potential clients, followed up by a retargeting campaign.

Our paid search specialists set the campaign to track form submissions so they could get in contact with potential clients, and they did this through split testing. By using split testing, we were able to base the campaign on what appealed to the client, and with retargeting, we could analyse the data and then refocus.

TFA has a thorough knowledge of best practice and a finger on the pulse of emerging trends and expertise.

Once the PPC campaign direction was agreed, our expert design team created a series of advertisements to sit across the split tests. The ads ranged from humorous to direct, concisely directed at the client’s target market, and our team of copywriters created matching emotive and informative copy that fitted within FCA guidelines, describing the services that Mortgage Buddy offer.

Mortgage Buddy is thrilled with the results we have given them in such a short time after the campaign launch. Typically in this industry, the cost per lead is between £25 and £35; less than two weeks after our campaign went live, they’d received a large number of leads at a fraction of this cost, a considerable saving for this fledgeling company.

Creative, stand out ads is important, and benefits small, new companies such as Mortgage Buddy who aren’t yet a household name. For help with your PPC and Social Media advertising, contact us here