TFA’s video production services were enlisted to showcase Quingo’s innovative Flyte mobility scooter in a compelling 60-second tv advertisement.

Showcasing a bounty of benefits for quick consumption

Quingo is behind revolutionary scooters that enhance the functionality and comfort of traditional mobility aids. They came to TFA as they needed to get across the ease and speed to get out-and-about on their new Quingo Flyte 2 in a 60-second television advertisement.

Mobility industry advertisements can often be cluttered and uninspiring, so it was essential to making the Quingo Flyte break the mould.

The client provided our expert video production team with a wealth of information that they wanted broken down in the tv commercial. The team then began to write a script that touched upon all the advantages of their scooter model. Additional features that make their range of mobility scooters unique to the accessibility market were also required to fit into the advertisement.

Punchy, to-the-point and market-leading

Our in-house art director and camera operators worked closely with the client, on the video shoot, to ensure that everything shot reflected the Quingo Flyte’s revolutionary functionality and build. Our art director focused on close up shots of the branding on the product, and relaying a relatable narrative of a couple using the Flyte in the “real world”.

Our expert video editors created a short, dynamic, snappy advertisement. Incorporating overlaying motion graphics emphasise how quick and easy the mobility scooter is to use, touching on all the points without the final video ad being overwhelming. Quingo was overjoyed with the final tv advertisement, and continue to work with TFA on a multitude of different projects and mediums.

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