Advanced Handling

Advanced Handling is a world-leading in heavy-lifting products, offering a number of product ranges and also bespoke engineering solutions for more complex and technical customer requirements. TFA helped them to freshen up their brand identity and brand image, avoiding substantial changes that might necessitate a wider and more costly roll out.

A Brand Refresh by Soft Evolution

Client rebrands typically fall into two categories, revolution or evolution, depending on what is driving the need for change.

Where clients have a well-established company brand identity, or logo, there is a need to evolve whilst avoiding the change being too substantial; this may seem simple, but it is a great challenge.

The big question is what you change, and by how much, to bring a logo up to date. Couple this with stakeholders in a business all needing to feel the change is substantial enough to justify the project and you start to get a feel for why this can be so challenging.

We designed a series of progressive iterations of the existing brand identity that both modernised it and refined aspects of its styling; details that tightened and sharpened it up. This helped us to reach a perfect balance in producing a new identity that was clearly connected with the previous identity, with enough change to be noticeable rather than drastically different.

Ensuring Stakeholder Support and a Successful Rollout

Planning, engagement and adequate support make all the difference in rolling out a successful re-brand. We held initial briefing sessions to consult with key stakeholders and understand what a successful delivery would look like; what we needed to make sure we achieved and, as important, what we needed to ensure we avoided.

With the new identity agreed, we refreshed and consolidated the usage of colour, type and imagery to provide a clear and cohesive set of guideance, templates and tools.

Our aim is always to  empower a client’s workforce to deliver consistency; making that easy rather than dictating guidance through a document that can be forgotten or avoided. By providing simple tools, such as set of pre-styled Office templates, TFA empowered the team to embrace the new branding and to stay on-brand.