Smoke Shack

The Original Smoke Shack is a small, friendly BBQ & Smokehouse that opened its doors in August 2014 in the historic market town of Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire.

Creating a Brand with Big Personality

Being a brand new restaurant, and competing with a number of already-established eateries in Stony Stratford, they needed a brand identity that would be instantly recognisable and, most importantly, give people an instant feel for the brand and their proposition.

We started by designing a brand logo and providing the right branding services that felt fresh and representative of the product offering but also established and familiar. Being one of the leading brand consultants in Buckinghamshire, we know that having a brand identity that people can trust is half the battle in winning new customers and establishing a firm client base. 

We kept the British smokehouse theme at the heart of everything we created; from the design of the company logo, right the way through to the labels on the condiment bottles and the interior design of the restaurant itself..  There was also a clear emphasis on the importance of serving fresh, locally-sourced, exceptional food for everyone in a sociable and vibrant dining environment.

Restaurant Launch PR and Brand Awareness Campaigns

In addition to creating the overall brand identity, we also undertook a series of extremely cost-effective marketing activities to further promote the brand.  Using a combination of precision timing and targeting the appropriate audiences for the restaurant, we generated over 8,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ through sharing regular updates and engaging with the audience by promoting a weekly ‘Golden Ticket Hunt’.  It was so successful that the local press also become involved – helping generate even more excitement and brand awareness.

The restaurant opened successfully on the 5th September and its opening weekend alone generated over £7,000 in business – a staggering result!  It is still booked full for the rest of 2014, whilst it has been earning rave reviews on Social Media and through the local press. 

We made it possible for Smoke Shack to not open strongly, but have a ready-made client base to engage with and a brand that looks set to expand quickly into 2015 and beyond – precisely the way we designed it to be.

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