Fire Aware approached TFA to create a logo, instantly recognisable as a mark of fire safety in construction

Recognising fire safety at a glance.

Fire Aware is a membership organisation that identifies good moral behaviour in the delivery of fire safety in construction, maintenance and through ownership as a landlord. 

Similar to the Considerate Constructors badge you see on building scaffolding, Fire Aware approached TFA to design a logo to go on to be used as a mark of fire safety recognition that companies can display at building sites, on vans etc. This would visually explain that strict fire safety guidelines have been adhered to, avoiding the devastation of Grenfell in 2017.

Shaping an idea into a clean, polished logo

Taking the idea provided, the design team brightened the colour palette, refined the shapes of the icon, and tightened the typography, so the badge was easy to understand instantly and simple enough to be recognised for what it represented. The creator of Fire Aware was thrilled with the translation of their vision into a clean, bold logo that would become an asset that members of Fire Aware could access and display. 

Protecting the design with thorough guidelines

Once the logo refresh was complete, our design team compiled a set of branding guidelines to detail the dos and don’ts for the logo usage, including placement, colour palettes and accompanying typography. Mission and visions statements were also included in the brand guidelines, serving as an introduction to the company, and explaining the devastating reason for its origin. 

We followed with the design of their new website, embodying the design styles set out in the logo guidelines. Our motion graphic experts have also created informative marketing videos for Fire Aware to share with professionals in the construction and building industries for the importance of fire safety.

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