TFA designed and built a ‘back of the net’ landing page design for a peer-to-peer gambling app.

Effective, Informative & Impactful Design

LeBom is an exciting weekly football predictor and gambling game that is played with friends. TFA was tasked with creating a slick, simple and clear landing page that communicated the key points of the proposition to investors and players alike.

Our design team designed a visually immersive landing page that quickly explains what the app does and what makes it stand out from other gambling apps on the market. Using visuals of the app in devices, with slick animations, our design showcased LeBom’s main features with our overloading the viewer with heavy body copy with the main focus being on the useability and stand-out app features. Alongside this, call-to-action buttons to various app stores were included throughout the page to encourage click-throughs. 

Responsive, sleek in-house web development

At TFA, our expert web development team build clean, streamlined-coded sites, including the LeBom landing page. Built responsively, this landing page can be enjoyed no matter your viewing device size, with all elements working seamlessly throughout.

The client was thrilled with what we designed and built for them, fully encapsulating their vision and going above and beyond with animated screenshots of the gambling app. 

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