TFA created an eye-catching PPC campaign to increase conversion rates for Bothwick, a financial institution helping to fund growing businesses. 

PPC – becoming visible to potential customers

Bothwick Finance is a financial advisor and a loan provider for growing enterprises, specialising in agriculture, industry, and construction. They reached out to our digital marketing team at TFA. They needed a way to get more potential customers to discover what they have to offer.

A great way to increase customer recognition and gain more enquiries about your services is through a PPC (pay per click) campaign on social media channels. PPC advertising enables businesses to create highly-targetted ads for a relatively low cost compared to traditional advertising methods.

Bothwick wanted to launch a PPC campaign on Facebook. On Facebook, you can include inline forms. Inline forms are extra fields available alongside the visual for customers to fill out their information and request to be contacted. This additional feature sitting alongside a social media-based advertisement often results in more intentional submissions and prevents people who are only marginally interested in a service or product. 

Designs to stop a scroller in their tracks

Our creative team created a series of ads for each industry, with the overriding idea of ‘helping customers achieve their professional dreams. The final designs featured machinery from different sectors, where a section of the machines are wrapped in money. Bothwick assists clients in financing essential aspects of their enterprises, and we wanted to highlight this service to get the attention of Facebook users. Bothwick’s branding features an upward moving arrow; we incorporated this graphic element to work alongside the imagery to enhance the message. Each ad also featured short statements linked to the sector, e.g. for construction. The related statement was ‘Build Your Foundation’.

Our PPC ad designs were eye-catching and striking, and the client admired our unique approach and understanding of digital marketing.

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