Cosmetic Learning

Internationally renowned cosmetic science educators, SCS, tasked TFA with redesigning the educational wing of their organisation, Cosmetic Learning.

Website redesign for career development in Cosmetic Science. 

Cosmetic Learning is the educational outreach website for the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. Because their old website was outdated and difficult to use, TFA’s creative team were tasked with coming up with a new design that would attract new researchers interested in pursuing a career in cosmetic science. 

Our website design team firstly created a complete sitemap, simplifying the user journey and consolidating duplicate page content. It was crucial to SCS that potential students understood the school is affiliated with the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Their parent website,, features atomic bond illustrations; we took inspiration from these, modernising them and featuring them as graphic devices throughout the website to link Cosmetic Learning and SCS while also using a similar colour scheme. It was important to use imagery that did not feel flat but enticed the website visitors. We used clean and bright photography to inject the brand’s colour palette. Small signposts were also inserted by TFA’s website design team to urge students to join SCS as members.

Sleek design and an easy to use CMS.

Our web development team build the website in WordPress, a website content management system that is easy to use for clients to amend and control their content. WordPress allows the client to amend course information quickly, add new events to their events calendars, and upload new course downloads for students. Controlled by a large committee who all need to amend content, using an easy-to-use CMS was critical when building this updated website design.

Collaborating closely with the design team, the development team incorporated interaction across the site to bring it to life, introducing slick hover interactions, dropdown FAQs, a downloadable resource centre, and more. 

Cosmetic Learning’s new contemporary website design now showcases the intentionally renowned courses in all their glory, with easy to access information and captivating imagery and continuing to link back to SCS. 

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