With Cadcorp’s desire to break out of the corporate norm and stay ahead of their competitors, TFA designed a tech-driven, customer-centric website. 

A GIS Website redesign that packs a punch. 

Cadcorp, a GIS (Geographic Information System) company, approached TFA as they desperately needed to break the corporate mold of their website and their competitors’ websites. They asked us to redesign their website’s dated look and feel to a tech-focused modern, less-wordy, easy-to-navigate visual online experience.

They wanted their website to visually represent their core values of making it “easier to share and distribute spatial data between people and systems”. We started the redesign by simplifying the user journey. Our UX designers decreased the number of click-throughs the customers would have to do to get through to product information while also making it easier to get in touch with Cadcorp.

With a well-established brand identity, they wanted to retain their blue colour palette and their use of hexagons, which appear in their product information. The tessellating nature of a hexagon creates a strong patterned structure which we applied as backgrounds across the site and placed as other graphical elements to establish a consistent visual language.

Clean and impactful, from corporate and dated.

Our graphic design team wanted to give customers the “Wow Factor” when first visiting the website, it was redesigned to be fully responsive, and included a dynamic entry video of a world map in the Cadcorp blues. We kept the website primarily visual by including large screenshots of the software, with non-wordy product explanations. Our web developers also created a dedicated customer support area, for downloadable resources, with filter functionality.

It was also crucial to Cadcorp that the redesign didn’t impact their strong Google SEO performance. The Digital Marketing Team at TFA ensured redirects were in place for relocated pages and keywording all business and product information. 

Cadcorp loved our approach, and we took their site from being just another standard corporate website to one that sets itself apart from the rest in every way.

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