Haz Jewellers

Moissanite is a lab-created gemstone that has more lustre and sparkle than a diamond. The client commissioned TFA to create a brand for their exclusive Starlight product.

Creating a desirable jewellery brand with broad appeal

Moissanite was discovered in the last century. They are literally from the stars, created by the heat and impact pressure from meteors striking sand. After years of research in creating the finest stone, with the perfect sparkle and colour at an affordable price point, Starlight Moissanite was born.

An open book to ideas, HAZ Jewellers, approached us. Our expert team of designers, here at TFA, presented back an array of logos of differing styles, all reflecting the exclusive product offering and origin of the gemstone.

A gemstone logo design to reflect the product’s astronomic roots.

The original chemical composition of Moissanite was discovered in a crater where a meteorite fell to earth, even though they are lab-created now. The logo designs bore the ‘Born from the stars’ tagline, to help tell the story of where Starlight Moissanite gemstones originated, along with some of the iconography. The client was thrilled with our solutions and chose a classical approach for their rebrand, encompassing the history of the gemstone and the long-established jewellery market. 
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