FG Library

Near invisible on Google, FG Library, the market-leading manufacturer of library furniture in the UK, enlisted TFA to take charge of their SEO.

55 search terms ranking positions 1, 2 and 3.

When your business’ products and services are invisible on search engines, invaluable opportunities for new customers are missed. FG Library wanted to make sure this was no longer the case and entrusted TFA with actioning an SEO plan that would find itself ranking #1 among its competitors.  

To rank highly among their competitors TFA’s digital marketing team focused on terms around their products and industries that could utilise their solutions. Within 12 months, 12 keywords sat within position 1 and position 3 on Google, with 55 listing on the 1st page. Notably, “School Library Furniture Ideas” shot up to position 2 on the first page of google from not ranking at all. “Academic Library Furniture” sat at the bottom of page 2 (0.78% chance of being clicked) which increased to position 2, which has a 24.7% chance of being clicked on.

Our TFA experts doubled traffic.

As well as focusing on specific search terms, we implemented strong SEO throughout FG Library’s website, leading to a 101% increase in organic users to 991 per month and clicks increasing 102% to 794 per month.

We continue to develop their strategy, adapting alongside any updates to Google’s algorithm. Also, with the success of their SEO strategy, FG Library remains a client of TFA across other areas of our business, including brochure design.

With visible results from the first month, our team combines SEO strategy, technical SEO, content marketing and promotional campaigns to keep our clients ahead of their competition.

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