Trading under a 20-year old logo, in a fast-paced tech industry, Leisuretec needed a bold refresh of its brand image and positioning.

Understanding the client and the goal 

Leisuretec is a distributor of professional and commercial video, sound, lighting and special FX equipment. With an outdated logo, very reminiscent of the 1980s, they approached TFA to revitalise their brand and mirror their substantially expanded and evolved business. This was to be achieved whilst retaining the personal, independent values inherent in the business to that day.

We held a brand exploration workshop with the client’s key stakeholders to get a clear understanding of their perceptions, opinions and what they felt made the business what it was. The aim was very much for the new branding to stand up for another 20 years and capture the spirit of the business in a much more modern way.

From there, our Milton Keynes team created logo design concepts that ranged from small evolutions of their original logo to progressively more significant evolutions and new iterations. Leisuretec chose to move forward with a logo that was very different to their original branding. With a slick typeface, colour palette in keeping with the AV industry, their logo also included an icon to be further used as a graphic device.

Delivering the Unexpected

After their identity was established, brand guidelines were created to ensure the logo and new colours were implemented correctly throughout the company. TFA wanted to give Leisuretec guidelines with personality, rather than the cookie-cutter documentation that are commonplace so the guidelines went much further in helping to establish their brand values, vision, mission and business styling across all aspects of their communications.

Taking information gained from the branding workshop, we provided the client with witty, colourful, bold brand guidelines that were designed to encapsulate the spirit and personality of the business. Wanting to be seen as “not just shifting boxes” but a business of personalities, and people who care, we ensured the tone of voice, use of imagery and layout gave them something distinctly different to their competitors.

At TFA, we prefer to push creative boundaries and deliver the unexpected but in ways that are considered and appropriate. For Leisuretec, our team of designers and copyrighters let them see their business in a new light that would position them uniquely, boldly and more representatively in the years to come.
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