Being invisible on Google is inevitable if you haven’t adopted SEO into your website. The digital marketing experts at TFA transformed Techmate’s Google ranking within months!

From minimal visibility to leading the competition. 

Techmate, a laboratory equipment supplier,  hadn’t prioritised SEO when creating their website. You can have the most excellent website, but if Google cannot rank it, customers will not see it. Offering multiple levels of SEO services, Techmate became a Gold Package SEO client of TFA after seeing previous clients’ results.

When starting SEO with Techmate, their keyword rankings were nonexistent, with nothing ranking on the first 5 pages. By rewriting on-page content, inserting appropriate keywords, and adding and fixing Meta descriptions and titles, 12 keywords now rank on the top 5 pages. ‘Labware supplier’ now sits at position 2 on the 1st page of Google.

Measuring impressions and clicks is an important metric to follow to see whether you are getting increased audience numbers when applying effective SEO. An impression occurs whenever a user sees your website cropping up on a Google Search Result Page (SERP). Measuring impressions helps us identify the potential your business has to be clicked by the viewer. A click is whenever a user clicks on your website.

Impressions skyrocket 750% on Google SERPs.

Within a year, we have increased monthly clicks on Google from 100 to 461, a 361% increase. Impressions have soared; the previous year, Techmate was appearing on Google around 5000 times. Their impressions now sit at approximately 42,500 a month since focusing on high-intent-based keywords. 

Increasing clicks and impressions on Techmate’s website has resulted in a boost in organic users, traffic that’s come to your site through unpaid search results on search engines. Since the previous month, with a 78.1% increase, Techmate has been getting 400 organic users, with a decreased bounce rate of 30%. We are seeing more relevant traffic visiting the website with a lower bounce rate overall due to clicking on search results with now appropriately tagged titles and descriptions and keyworded page content.

Techmate continues to be astonished by the results they are seeing from being a Gold-packaged SEO customer, with results increasing month on month.

If your business is struggling to be seen on search engines, customers cannot see you. Adopting an SEO strategy into your marketing is key, and TFA can help – get in touch today