Eco Nature

Eco Nature, an eco-friendly gifting manufacturer, needed a brand new website to communicate to both B2B and B2C about their products and their points of difference to competition in the market.

A new brand, with exciting market-leading philosophies, needs to launch with a bang.

Eco Nature is an eco-friendly stationery manufacturer that has launched under their pre-existing business, Design Group. Approaching TFA, they tasked us with designing and building a website from scratch. Eco Nature’s website needed to shout about their unique proposition and pitch themselves as market leaders ahead of their eventual competition.

With strict guidelines provided to us, we worked closely with Eco Nature throughout, to ensure their brand was communicated correctly, highlighting all the key points that made them unique to the marketplace.

Website design from the ground up.

The website design started with sitemaps, catering for very different user journeys. We needed to sell to B2B and B2C customers, and educate people about this new brand and how they differ from other gift wrap manufacturers.

TFA go above and beyond a simple site design.

As an unknown brand, it was key to make an impact and educate as soon as the website loads. Our design team included small animated elements to guide new customers on their journey. To break down Eco Nature’s market-leading qualities, we design unique icons to highlight these e.g. sustainability, carbon-conscious approach, etc. Also, to help consumers find Eco Nature products, our development team added a store-locator tool, where customers can search via their postcode. 

Consumer to brand relationships is now changing, buying into a brand story and not just their products. Our copywriters worked closely with Eco Nature to create copy that flowed throughout the site, effortlessly unpacking the brand and its philosophies. 

The client was thrilled with the website launch design, fully encapsulating their brand’s vision, and we continue to create their social media content.

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