Discover how TFA’s SEO specialists increased Organic Clicks for Process Valve Solutions and gave a healthy boost to their Search Visibility.

60% increase in Organic Users achieved by TFA’s SEO Service.

Process Valve Solutions (PVS) is one of the leading valve suppliers across the UK. PVS came to TFA because they needed help with their SEO and wanted to boost a particular, key product range.

To rank higher against their competitors, TFA’s SEO experts focused on the “Worcester Controls” search term. After 1 month it ranked at position 3, which is the top position below the manufacturer’s website results. This produced a 1100% increase in organic clicks for the search term Worcester Controls. As well as this, the “Worcester Valves” search term rose 2 places to sit at position 2 on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

TFA, the Milton Keynes SEO agency delivering results.

As well as optimising specific search terms, implementing strong SEO across PVS’ website led to a 20% increase in search visibility throughout the lifetime of being a client of TFA’s. Search visibility is the measurement of how many people see your website entries in search. Higher search visibility equals higher organic traffic. 

Process Valve Solutions was overjoyed at the boost in traffic their Worcester Controls range received in such a short space of time. At TFA, we’re proven SEO experts in reaching audiences and converting clicks. With results from the first month, our team combines SEO strategy, technical SEO, content marketing and promotional campaigns to keep our clients ahead of the curve. 

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