With a solid understanding and application of SEO on their website, Davpack was looking for extra help to bring more traffic to their site. In 3 months, we undertook the challenge, and we doubled their organic traffic by 25,000 additional visits per month.

TFA’s SEO specialists doubled Davpack’s organic traffic within 3 months!

Davpack is the UK’s leading providers of packaging supplies to industrial, commercial and retail businesses across the country. They approached us as they needed to increase the organic traffic to their website, as well as re-keyword several pages across the site to improve performance. 

Our SEO team were provided, by Davpack, a list of new keywords that they wanted as their focus. We gave obtained brilliant results, in such a short period, with several pages now ranking at position one on Google SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). Also, to direct the flow of traffic better, we optimised specific keywords for particular pages. In three months, the organic traffic rose by 25,000, with 51,000 organic users and impressions increasing by 500,000.

As well as re-keywording, TFA’s SEO specialists did subtle on-page optimisation. On-page optimisation consists of refining both the content and HTML source code of a page so that it will rank higher on results pages and earn more relevant traffic. The team also continued to build Davpack’s backlink profile, around target keywords, across trusted domains, to strengthen the reputable status of their website. 

At TFA, we go beyond the required to get the best SEO results for our clients.

As an addition to Davpack’s SEO strategy, our master SEO team optimised their Google My Business information. Google My Business is the pane of information that you are served, on the right-hand-side of a Google results page, when you search for a business or service. Keeping Davpack’s Google My Business up to date, and optimising the content has had a considerable impact, seeing 2,000 more people finding Davpack through Google Maps than in previous months.

Davpack is thrilled with the results that TFA’s digital marketing team are producing for them and remain valued clients of our SEO services. With our team of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts, we keep on top of the latest Google algorithms and industry best practice, so our clients are always one step ahead of their competitors. We don’t tie our clients into lengthy contacts, with results from the first month.

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