Oasis Berco

Oasis Berco had no previous data, being a brand-new site. There was a lot of work to be done to reach their goal of ranking nationally in the US. They now rank on the first page of Google when they came to us with no history. 

In 2019, we started working with Oasis Berco, a modular office furniture manufacturer, new at the beginning of that year, and with that comes a brand-new website.

They came to us wanting to rank nationally in the US on Google, and being visible, with a niche product in a competitive market with big-name players. We devised a plan to improve the brand’s online visibility by targeting product-specific keywords Nationally across the US.

Over the year Oasis Berco now has 43 ranking keywords on the first 5 pages of Google SERPs. For a brand-new company, this is a fantastic achievement, given the extremely competitive industry. As a UK company, working to penetrate rankings in the US, we had to refine our already-proven formula to SEO success, to work in the US, including sourcing new directories, citations, backlinks and off-page work.

The results speak volumes of the flexibility we have applied to match the goals set by Oasis Berco.

Through content creation, we have grown the company’s total impressions to an impressive 85,800 over the past 9 months. We advised a blog be added to the website to promote content and address content gaps determined through competitor analysis.

To increase usability and how to meet customer intent best, we helped implement an FAQ section that listed all typical customer inquiries and questions. In-house we created content by writing blogs on blogging platforms to increase backlinks to the website, which has helped add to the impressive 2,300 clicks to the site.

In conjunction with our expert SEO team, they fully optimised their Google My Business, by adding their product range to fully-leverage local search results. We also advised, how Oasis Berco could up their game across Social Media by posting more relevant content to create more backlinks to their site. 

As part of our strategy, at TFA, we completely immerse ourselves in the company, it’s products and competitors to fully realised a well-rounded and highly targeted SEO campaign. 

So pleased with the results, notably the increased leads from the website as a result of SEO, the client has continued to work with us, and we aim to catapult them above the competition as time moves forward. 

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