Mecc Alte

The powergen sector, in terms of marketing, has a history of being staid, technical and fairly uncreative. Mecc Alte has carved out its position as a challenger brand with its strategy being to add value through innovative product design and a customer-centric approach to sales and service delivery. As part of this, TFA has been given substantial creative license to promote the brand based on a set of beliefs rather than polarising on products.

A powergen advertising campaign that leads on creative angles around brand values over product specifications.

In order to stand out brands have to differentiate. The Power From Within brand campaign was the product of several months of collaboration with the UK marketing team and it focuses on foundation tenets that drive their new product development and a belief of shared success.

Thinking globally, doing it locally.

The campaign is an extensive one, as you will see from small cross-section in the gallery. Underpinned by a set of visual and messaging guidlines, we are managing a 12-month advertising campaign that spans both print and digital media (full list below).

A complete advertising agency service for a campaign that rolled out Worldwide.

An aspect that has cemented Mecc Alte’s relationship with TFA has been the breadth of our service. We have been responsible for making the process easy by providing a full, global plan for a wide range of marketing channels and manage them all in-house, reporting monthly.

Our ability to produce all design and asset artworks, coupled with effective, culture-flexible copy writing, has helped to simplify the client’s involvement no end. It demonstrates how TFA provides an end-to-end solution for clients with global campaigns across multiple channels and even in different languages.

The campaign includes:

  • Brand creation and guidelines design
  • Internal PowerPoint design
  • Photography, copy and design for a 5 x master ad campaign
  • Social media marketing across 5 channels, internationally:
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIN
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising

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