Video content, filmed or animated, to drive your business message.

We script, storyboard, film and edit all types of video content. From corporate videos to product demonstrations and service explainer animations, we do it all and completely bespoke.

We are also a video production and animation company with nearing a hundred, in widely varying styles, under our belts.

Our core process is largely similar from project to project, but the medium differs. All video and animated projects start with an idea, some messages to communicate and are then visualised, and planned, prior to going into production.

The medium is completely open, defined by the objectives of the brief, and often combines mixed media (e.g. filming, graphics and animation).

If you are struggling to communicate an aspect of your business proposition, you want a polished corporate video or you need to promote a new product, TFA provides a complete, turnkey service for highly creative, polished and compelling content that really hits the mark.

We can conceive, plan and produce video content for a wide range of applications:

Video & Animation Services


  • Concept Development

  • Scripting

  • Storyboarding

  • Filming

  • Voiceover Talent

  • Editing

  • Post Production

  • Graphics

Video Deliverables


  • Corporate Video Production

  • Product Video Production

  • Service & Explainer Video Production

  • Interactive Product Videos

  • 2D Animation

  • 3D Rendering and Animation (CGI)

  • Motion Graphic Sequences