Weedon Direct

Weedon Direct experienced a significant boost in sales thanks to a successful PPC campaign crafted by TFA.

Implementing a Google Ads campaign to boost Weedon Direct’s sales 

Weedon Direct is an e-commerce business specialising in eco-friendly, corrugated packaging solutions. They are committed to sustainability and offer various environmentally friendly packaging options. Seeking to increase their sales and expand their customer base, Weedon approached TFA for help creating an eCommerce marketing strategy to drive traffic to their website.

TFA’s primary goal was to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would effectively increase website traffic, drive sales, and boost the average order value for Weedon Direct. To achieve these objectives, TFA implemented a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.

TFA started the campaign in February 2023, focusing on B2C (Business to Consumer), micro-businesses, and SME businesses that were likely to be interested in eco-friendly packaging solutions. Our PPC specialists implemented a Google Ads campaign for Weedon Direct designed to maximise visibility and generate high-quality traffic. By strategically utilising Google Ads, TFA aimed to drive relevant traffic to Weedon’s website, generate high-quality leads, and ultimately increase sales.

Successfully achieving the objectives of the campaign 

The collaboration between TFA and Weedon Direct proved highly successful, resulting in a substantial boost in sales and overall business performance. Throughout the campaign period, from February to April 2023, Weedon Direct benefited greatly:

In April 2023, while working with TFA, Weedon Direct achieved its highest-recorded total orders for a single month.

Comparing the performance during TFA’s campaign (February to April) with the months before their involvement (November to January), Weedon Direct experienced a 15.24% increase in total sales.

By leveraging the precision and efficiency of PPC advertising, TFA drove high-quality traffic to Weedon’s website, converting leads into loyal customers. The collaboration resulted in Weedon Direct’s highest-recorded total orders and a significant increase in sales during the campaign period.

TFA’s expertise in digital marketing played a vital role in positioning Weedon Direct for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Our talented team are just as capable of implementing a PPC campaign that will yield results for your business that will blow you away! Contact us or look through our full list of services to learn more about what TFA has to offer.