Evolve Law

With the help of TFA’s social media savvy, Evolve Law managed to improve their brand awareness. 

Organically achieved engagement rates of around 20% and over on LinkedIn

Less glamorous areas of the legal industry can sometimes be perceived as a little stiff and old-fashioned. The conveyancing firm Evolve Law was looking to break from this stereotype and stand out in their field as a forward-thinking and technologically advanced partner. Social media platforms provide a great way to communicate the culture and personality of a company, so TFA were tasked by Evolve Law with using social media marketing to help them promote their customer focus and digitalised services.

Seeking to attract a professional audience, Evolve Law agreed with our content team that LinkedIn would be an important social media channel for them. Our content team created a content marketing strategy for Evolve Law that involved a range of themes, including posts about their online portal that simplifies the conveyancing process for conveyancers and clients, their award-winning conveyancing team and top-notch service. We also created informative thought-leadership content and posts highlighting Trustpilot reviews from Evolve Law’s many happy clients. Our design team developed a unique illustrative style for their brand collateral that gave Evolve Law’s LinkedIn a sophisticated, clean, but approachable look that was in keeping with their brand.

Our social media marketing strategy saw improved engagement on LinkedIn with the majority of posts achieving an engagement rate of 6% or over and the most successful posts hitting an engagement rate of just over 20%, which far exceeds the 2% mark generally accepted as a high engagement rate on the platform.

Rolling over our success to other social media channels

With a strong visual style established, and engaging content attracting the attention of their audience, Evolve Law set their sights on expanding their social media horizon. This is where we began crafting a wider social media marketing strategy for Facebook and Instagram that promoted Evolve Law’s progressive approach to prospective partners, employees, and influencers.

The posts we created for Evolve Law’s Facebook achieved instant, positive results. Their Facebook page reach increased by an impressive 37.6% in our first month of posting on their Facebook. This increase could be attributed to our consistent posting, including video, our selection of relevant hashtags such as “#PropertyLadder” and “#FirstHome”. They’re off to a great start, and we’ve got more engaging content on the way that will help build a strong connection with their social media audiences across all platforms.

Are you interested in finding out how our social media marketing services can help you? Looking to stand out from your competitors? Contact us now so our social media savants can get the job done! Their capability of enhancing your social media presence and increasing your brand awareness can do your business a world of good.