SJ Dixon

TFA’s team of eCommerce SEO specialists helped SJ Dixon elevate the online presence of their Beautiful Walls website.

Boosting SJ Dixon’s online visibility through SEO marketing techniques

Beautiful Walls, a trading division of SJ Dixon and Son specialising in exclusive and luxury home wallpapers, enlisted the help of TFA’s SEO specialists to help enhance their search engine optimisation strategy and online visibility. Prior to seeking our collaboration, SJ Dixon was dissatisfied with their website’s performance on Google. They asked us to help Beautiful Walls improve its search rankings for relevant keywords and enhance website visibility. In alignment with SJ Dixon’s goals, our objective for Beautiful Walls was to increase their Google page position, rank, and click-through rate to maximise potential traffic leading to their site. With considerable knowledge in the field of search engine optimisation and link building, TFA made a perfect collaborator for SJ Dixon.

Our digital team began working on Beautiful Walls by curating an SEO marketing plan to improve their Google ranking through targeted keyword optimisation. We also continued creating unique and informative content and implementing it into their Google Business Profile. A well-optimised Google Business Profile can deliver numerous benefits, like enhanced map visibility, better engagement, insights and analytics, and cost-effective marketing, helping you gain an edge over your competitors.

Through TFA’s clever strategy of optimising on-site content for targeted, high-value keywords with greater search volume and building backlinks from reputable domains and high authority websites, SJ Dixon made valuable progress in elevating their search ranking with seventy-five keywords. Fourteen of these ranked on the first page of Google for highly relevant search terms!

This integration of keyword optimisation and link-building also contributed to their domain trust metrics, a crucial factor that affects website visibility.

Creating tailored SEO and link-building strategies for Beautiful Walls

The results for Beautiful Walls have been rewarding, with a 5.7% increase in clicks to their website and a decrease in the bounce rate, indicating that visitors were more engaged with the site’s content.

Our team continued to work on Beautiful Walls’ SEO to maintain good results. To bolster website visibility, we obtained links to the website from relevant and respected directories, strategically aligning with our SEO marketing strategy. By building backlink profiles through high-authority directories, you boost not only your search engine results and domain trust scores but also your overall online presence.

TFA’s strategy and the hard work our eCommerce SEO specialists put into optimising on-page content for high-volume search queries has rewarded SJ Dixon with increasing click-through rates and created engaging and user-friendly content.

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