Fareport generated a large number of sign-ups for their online course through a successful lead-generation campaign executed by TFA. 

A strategic PPC advertising campaign designed within a tight deadline

Fareport, a reputable training provider, offers a vast array of courses to both individuals and businesses. Fareport approached TFA to create a digital marketing strategy to effectively promote an online free digital media course for self-employed people in the Hampshire and Surrey areas.

The project required executing a successful PPC advertising campaign within a tight deadline. Our team was tasked with attracting almost 200 eligible applications within three months from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The total monthly ad spend was restricted and had to be utilised efficiently to achieve the desired results.

TFA created three distinct visual concepts for Fareport around attracting new customers. Fareport selected a set of imagery based on a metaphor of fishing for new customers. The design team at TFA provided a set of eye-catching visuals backed up by some catchy lines designed to hook self-employed and small business owners.

To ensure the campaign’s success, our web and creative team designed a dedicated landing page that would serve as the primary destination for candidates. The page was created with utmost care to ensure it was user-friendly and engaging, with a clear call-to-action for the visitors.

Launching a PPC campaign like this is only the beginning of the work. Right from the start, we closely monitored the results and made necessary adjustments to optimise the ads’ performance to keep them on track with Fareport’s targets. Through our expertise as a digital marketing agency, we achieved these goals and helped them successfully promote their free online digital media course to their target audience.

A higher number of sign-ups than initially anticipated

The campaign proved our digital marketing strategy successful, running for three months from November to January. Thanks to effective PPC advertising and landing page design, sign-ups exceeded targets by 12%. The users directed to Fareport’s website from PPC advertising generated the highest percentage of website traffic, directing over 100% more users than the next highest source.

TFA targeted specific groups of small business owners in the area with compelling ads highlighting the benefits of their course. Conversion rates on the landing page far exceeded industry standards for e-learning courses, with over 10% of unique visitors completing the application form. The landing page design was consistent with the Google and Facebook ads, providing a seamless user experience. It was easy to navigate and had a clear call to action, increasing potential sign-ups.

In conclusion, the Fareport lead-generation campaign was a resounding success. The team’s approach was based on specific targeting, compelling ads, and an effective landing page design. By focusing on these critical factors, they could attract more sign-ups than they had initially aimed for. The campaign was a great example of using digital marketing channels effectively to promote a course and attract sign-ups.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency with proven expertise in PPC advertising, look no further than TFA. Our team has a track record of delivering successful lead-generation campaigns for our clients, achieving their goals and promoting their services to the right audience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow through effective marketing strategies.