Thanks to TFA’s outstanding content and SEO marketing strategy, Rational’s website has experienced increased traffic and improved Google page rankings.

Improved Google search results rankings with thoughtful SEO & content marketing strategies. 

Rational, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of professional cooking appliances, sought our guidance to enhance their on-page content and search engine optimisation strategy for new keyword opportunities and link building. Our goal for Rational? To boost their brand’s overall search visibility by increasing keyword rankings. With a strong track record in both research and delivery for SEO optimisation, TFA were well placed to provide a winning partnership to Rational.

TFA’s digital team began their work with Rational by developing a comprehensive SEO and content marketing strategy to increase the brand’s online visibility and authority as a dominant organisation in their industry. Our team focused on creating unique and engaging content that would drive increased traffic to Rational’s website and ultimately lead to more conversions and leads.

Thanks to our efforts in writing engaging keyword-optimised on-page content, targeting high search volume keywords and dedicating time to optimising the site’s metadata, Rational have made significant strides towards increasing their search ranking on the first page of Google. Our digital team also worked hard to boost Rational’s online presence and search visibility with SEO-optimised and B2B-focused long-form articles. We’re proud to have achieved impressive SEO results, utilising our research to identify keyword opportunities such as “intelligent commercial oven,” a keyword we selected that has now secured a prominent ranking at number 8 on Google’s SERP. 

Staying ahead of the game with thoughtful SEO strategies.

We also utilised Google Business Profiles to display and promote Rational’s industry-leading commercial products and outstanding customer reviews. With an optimised Google Business Profile, you can help businesses stand out on Google’s SERP and reach more potential customers while promoting essential business information and links.

The results have been impressive, with Rational’s Google My Business Profile views increasing by 9% earlier this year. During this period, Rational also experienced a 10% increase in Business Profile interactions and a 4% increase in clicks to their website. These numbers exceeded our expectations and demonstrated how effective a well-executed Google My Business strategy can be.

Rational have been thrilled with the on-page content and SEO efforts of the TFA team, and the overall success of our strategy implementation. We are excited to continue working with Rational to achieve even greater results. With our team’s expertise and dedication, we’re confident that we’ll be able to help them reach even more customers and further grow their business.

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