Mecc Alte

TFA designed a cutting-edge graphic to demonstrate the durability and functionality of the Mecc Alte’s top of the range equipment. 

As a professional, innovative manufacturer and supplier of power production equipment globally, Mecc Alte needed memorable content that captured their audience and perfectly showcased their products. 

Mecc Alte wanted to showcase their copper wires in extreme conditions to demonstrate the durability and functionality of their equipment. Our talented team of graphic design experts did nothing short of delivering capturing visuals of said products in treacherous terrain; mountains, volcanoes etc. that brought to life the brief they were given.

Our team worked closely with the professionals at Mecc Alte to ensure all product information was reliable and utilised within the content to promote desirable features of their products and services. 

The client was so pleased with the final outcome, 4 A5 flyers based on numerous terrains; crafted perfectly with consistent feedback and inspiration between both our creative team and the client. 

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