The Open University

TFA has worked with the OU for almost ten years. As part of that relationship, we are often asked to design and develop interactive content to support specific courses, whereby we work closely with the lecturers running those courses to realise their vision.

We plan and design mobile app solutions, that fulfil the purpose and meet the budget.

This project was a testament to two strengths from our website design experts: first, the ability to work with a new contact and to guide them to the best solution. Second, to do that whilst working to a strict and, quite often, challenging budget.

Referred internally, highly recommended.

The contact we were referred to at The Open University had a fixed budget and, certainly for the budget, needed to create an advanced, bespoke tool to support the financial management course he was running.

Bespoke iOS and Android apps were going to take too long and cost too much to deliver. So our website design experts were quick to advise on an approach that would provide an app with all of the functionality the client needed, whilst being universal for users across all devices, notably one that could run through a native device browser.

An app that works for everyone.

We created a vibrant design around the client’s “course colours” and ensured this was compliant with both OU brand guidelines and also standard requirements for user accessibility.

The entire app was designed and developed in just 8 weeks, in time for the course launch, and the client was ecstatic with the end result. He has since recommended us to two other contacts running courses with similar needs.

If you need a bespoke app designed and developed but perhaps have a limited budget, we can help.

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