Advance Insurance

Advance Insurance were finding it extremely difficult to reach brokers with their wide range of insurance scheme products. We knew email marketing was the perfect solution.

Email marketing isn’t dead – we think it’s been reborn.

It’s a common misnomer that email marketing is no longer the effective medium it was due to the introduction of GDPR and the increasing voracity of spam email prevention systems. Whilst this is very true for unsolicited email to consumers, business solicitation by email (b2b) is an entirely different story and we have found the opposite to be true.

Email marketing remains one of the lowest-cost methods for generating new business leads (if it is done right).

Many companies have simply panicked and have stopped sending email, a change that we have found has helped to deliver the best results we have ever had. Why? Simply, everyone is receiving less and our approach is very different. Things have changed and we know how to take advantage of the opportunities that has presented.

Success is about technique, technology and punchy content.

Ten years has taught us a great deal about the difference between what works and what does not. At TFA, not only does this level of experience set us apart, but we have the skills in design, copy writing, technical build and deliverability to get our emails into the recipient’s inbox, read and responded to positively. We handle the entire process.

A quality campaign starts with quality data.

Existing client lists are usually not very clean meaning a high percentage of the data is out of date. This is one of the factors that leads to a higher bounce rate and reduced deliverability so we can help with cleaning up existing lists, as a priority.

We also have a number of established partnerships in place with trusted data brokers who sell us very high-quality marketing data. Better still, we can source it at a great price due to the amount we buy. We usually recommend client’s bolster up their lists with freshly acquired data as, ultimately, email marketing remains a numbers game.

We’ve tried doing it a lot ways and our way really works.

There are countless bad ways to do email marketing. If an email is lucky enough to make it into the recipient’s inbox, versus being filtered or junked, it can be deleted by the recipient before it is even opened due to a bad subject line or just not responded to. Our approach to content structuring feels personal and generates a high response rate – that means we get leads.

Are you interested in how email marketing can benefit your business? Perhaps you have dabbled with it and just not got the results you wanted? 

Contact us today and find out why we are so good at it. We want to bring our success to your business.