TFA created a bold eBook for MMR, with accompanying social media posts, exploring product design and marketing post-Corona

Publication design that packs a punch and tells a story

After working with TFA previously, MMR, a consumer and research agency, approach us to create an eBook for them. An eBook is accessible everywhere and can be used as a clever way of getting customers to interact with your business and attribute information back to you. We were provided with a simple brief of the document contents, imagery and notes to keep it minimalistic. 

The 18-page document explores how companies need to sell products differently to appeal to consumers post-Corona. Consumers now invest in a product that ignites senses and tells a story. The ‘Supercharge America’ eBook needed to be an education piece, ending on selling the services that MMR can offer. 

The eBook was a text-heavy document, therefore our design team paid attention to the typesetting, offsetting with simplistic negative space and vibrant full-page imagery and minimally using bold colours to draw focus. With an established visual identity, the eBook kept in line with their current documents and styling

Social media asset creation

With the eBook signed off, our design team created a series of supporting imagery to be rolled out weekly across Instagram, LinkedIn and through email marketing. The social posts themed changed to engage different audiences, with the styling being similar to the eBook’s, using punchy dynamic imagery and clean typography. 

Our designs were well received, with reviews stating that we brilliantly brought their concepts to life, ensuring that their brand was applied accurately and with a rapid turnaround time.

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