Content Creation, Audience Building and Management

There is no question that all businesses should have an online social presence. The critical question is which channels to focus on and how to get the most out of them.

That’s where our we come on as your social media agency.

We can help you to get set up on social media or significantly improve how it works for you.

As an award-winning social media agency in Milton Keynes, we know how to achieve your goals by identifying the best channels for your business, by helping you to position your brand in the right way, by increasing market awareness, by building new business relationships and boosting your search ranking in the process.

Part of this is in identifying the right channels for you to focus on, in order to get the results you want in your particular business, and in using them the right way.

Whether you need a social media agency to get you started, grow your audience, manage your channels or boost what social delivers to your business, TFA can make a big difference.

With our experienced team of social media specialists, proficient across most mainstream channels, you benefit from a team that combines social media experts, content writers and designers, to help make social work harder for your business.

We can drive your social media strategy, help you to be more in touch with your target audiences, and in turn drive more business.

Social Media Marketing & Management


  • Social Media Strategy & Management

    • Content Creation & Broadcast

    • Audience Response

    • Reporting

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Influencer Campaigns

  • Audience Building & Engagement

Social Media Channels


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIN

  • Pinterest

  • Snapchat

  • Tumblr

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

  • ... and others, just ask us.