Defining Your Brand Vision, Mission and Values

Defining Your Brand Vision, Mission and Values

If you run your own business, one of the first things you should do is define the fabric of your brand––what does it stand for? It’s pretty common for many businesses not to have already done this, but it is hugely important and valuable in defining your direction and every decision. When working out “what should we do?”, you need a brand barometer to evaluate your choices against, so you are considering “what would our brand do?”...

When it’s a race to the bottom, climb to the top.

When it’s a race to the bottom, climb to the top.

Current market pressures on businesses are coming from all angles: Rising supply chain costs, increased labour costs due to short supply, and rocketing energy bills. These hikes drive competition in most markets, so you need to think about how you will adapt. Cutting your prices to retain or win business is not the answer; you should be increasing them. Read more to hear why!

Websites That Win

Websites That Win

The winning approach to creating an excellent website for your business? One that attracts good visitor traffic and converts it into enquiries. This month we discuss the importance of having a great website at the heart of your business in an increasingly digital world.

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Free Tools to Drive your Sales Leads

This month’s article is about ways you can find and secure new customers for little to no spend. What’s not to like about that? Many people don’t realise that the old payment model for software has completely changed, so there is plenty of software available that doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

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Brand position and direction to maximise opportunity

The world doesn’t stand still and neither should a brand. Things change so fast nowadays that brands can’t simply do enough to keep up with the times and often miss major opportunities that can be exploited by a real shift in direction. This month’s article is about how your brand should evolve not only to survive but to prosper.

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Coronavirus, Covid, and Carrying On in Business

During the pandemic, it is easy to lose sight of the way forward, with the worry of what your business' future may hold. This article is all about positive guidance to get through the tougher times.

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How to Build Your Business Through Linkedin

This article gives you the basic knowledge you need to embrace LinkedIn as a networking platform, get going and see results quickly.

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Getting Back to Business with a Bang

Now is the time for some introspection and to think seriously about what you can do to improve the way you retain your existing customers and reach new ones in new ways.

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The Power of SEO - Part 2

In this article, we build upon the SEO basics I introduced previously, expanding on what you can do on-site and off-site, to make sure your SEO strategy a success.

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The Power of SEO - Part 1

If you can dominate Google search results, you can dominate a market. This is the power of being found first and you should make it your goal.

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The Art of Selling - Part 3

How you can improve conversions once you get to the stage that you are asked for a price, a quotation or a proposal? Find out how

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The Art of Selling - Part 2

This month, I’m going to explore in more detail what to do when you find yourself in front of someone. This is more tailored to face-to-face selling but you can adapt and apply these techniques to all types of selling situations.

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The Art of Selling - Part 1

Today, this is useful for anyone selling something in person, rather than online, and even if you don't have a business, you will find tips here you could apply when selling yourself to a prospective employer in your next job interview.

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How to Build a Strong Business Brand

Now your idea is off the ground, it's now time to discuss the topic of “the brand” and how critical it is to getting a business off on the right foot.

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Start your own business - the right way

From the idea stage to bringing a product or service to market, a business launch encompasses myriad steps. Darren Isaac, the founder of TFA, offers his advice on starting the right way.