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In the make up and perfume world, Yves Saint Laurent is a name that needs no introduction. Renowned across the globe and a byword for class and sophistication.

When they wanted to have a new counter top display unit designed for a new range of perfume, they came to us here at TFA to offer them a creative solution.  Because their retail display would be confined to a relatively small counter-top space, we needed to ensure that whatever we designed maximised the space available and also remained clearly within the Yves Saint Laurent brand.  Our graphic designers looked at various different counter top display units to see their individual merits but also to research how our work could be created to stand apart from them.

Once a clear design had been agreed, our 3D graphic artists created a complete counter top display unit in the virtual world so that YSL could see how the completed design would look in a retail environment.  Not only did this allow them to see the design in it's entirety, it also saved YSL money by avoiding the need to create costly full mock ups.  YSL were extremely happy with the work we produced and had full-scale counter top displays created and used in various department stores across the UK.

Counter top display units, whilst smaller than most free-standing retail displays, have the potential to drive sales of products by standing out from competitors and being able to placed in more compact spaces.  Here at TFA, our dedicated studio of experienced graphic designers know what it takes to produce a counter top display that will help drive sales and catch the average shoppers eye.  If you are looking for a creative agency who specialise in counter top display unit design, get in touch with us!

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