How are TFA different?

In an industry that is crammed with all manner of creative agencies, many struggle to stand out. Some quite like to boast about their annual turnover or major-name clients they once worked for but, hand on heart, do you really care?


We prefer to be judged on the quality of our work, our track record for delivering results and how you feel after talking to us.

The Ideas Machine

Commitment to Excellence

You have to be passionate about whatever it is you do to want to give your customer the very best you have to offer. Just as there is a heart at the centre of our logo, you will also find it at the centre of our business. Individually, we all have a love of the creative industry and that should be prevalent in our work. We are devoted individuals, and are committed as a team, to delivering nothing less than the best to all of our clients, on every project.

Relationship Building

No two people are the same and no two clients are the same either. Taking time to understand your business, how you prefers to engage suppliers and how you and your team expect a creative agency relationship to work, is a fundamental first step. We fit our business to yours and not the other way around; it usually leads to a far more enduring and rewarding long-term relationship.


We are always available to talk to. If your regular point of contact is, for any reason, not available at a particular moment in time then someone else will know who you are, what we are doing for you and will deal with whatever it is you need. We are happy to give out our mobile phone numbers and, within reason, you can reach us on them pretty much any time. If you need us to be available, we are, and we get back to you promptly.


One Agency for Everything

There are so many things we do and do very well indeed and we are generally happy to take on as much work as you are prepared to give us. We crave variety and have worked with clients in virtually every industry and market sector you could name. Typically, our clients feel comfortable in coming to us for virtually every brand, design, marketing or creative need they have. This degree of diversity in our work, and our client base, gives us a very broad and non-complacent perspective. What we learn and achieve in one industry very often has benefits when applied a little differently to another. From your perspective, we are in a position to bring something new to the table from an angle you may never before have considered.

Project Management
vs. Account Management

Other than some proactive chasing here and there, you do not need to be managed - the project does. At TFA we do not have "account managers" because, in our experience, they tend to be sales people who add little in the way of value to a project and are, generally, just chasing the next one. We have a pure project management team based partly on-site and partly on-the-road. Their sole aim is to deliver the best job possible, on time and at the price we have agreed. They are not motivated to chase other projects or sell you things you do not need.

Transparency & Flex

Honesty and integrity are something that can be lost in business but never with TFA. We make certain to explain all costs and timings as clearly as possible, at every stage, ensuring there is absolute agreement to everything we do. Our costs are always fair and reasonable and when things do need to change (which they almost always do in some capacity) we have a degree of flex to allow for that. Nobody likes to pay unexpected fees and we work with you to ensure there are never any of them.


We find that, once a new client starts working with us they tend to stick with us. You have to take a bite to find that out for yourself and we want to make that easy.

Get in touch and tell us what you need us to do to get our relationship off the starting blocks.

If we can do it, we certainly will.

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