Water Services Group

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

WSG is a highly specialised tunnel exploration company. Their work covers the analysis and maintenance of industrial and municipal pipework using a variety of skills and technologies. Although a new website was being built, we persuaded WSG that it is always a good time to start doing Search Engine Optimisation as the equity it creates, over time, can be transferred over to a new site fairly easily.

A website will always benefit from SEO so, the sooner you start, the better.

The first thing we do is to audit a client's position in the organic online search marketplace. To begin with, this involves us typically researching and identifying the most popular search terms used by prospective customers who are looking for what a client offers. We then determine which competitors to benchmark against based on who ranks best for most of those search terms (as opposed to who is a known competitor offline).

The base report reveals all.

The third step is for us to produce what we refer to as a "Base Report". We run extensive data requests that provide a pipeline from Google and these reveal exactly how the site ranks for those keywords versus the chosen competitors. The report also provides our expert recommendations on where the biggest gains can be made the quickest - what needs fixing first, what needs improving second.

As usual, we lead on the results.

This particular client was, by their own admission, very unfamiliar with SEO and wary of it. They needed a great deal of convincing to go ahead. Their confidence in our SEO services was cemented when they saw significant results that translated to real, inbound sales calls.

Based on the results we delivered, the client extended their commitment with TFA to a year after the initial 3 month paid trial.

If you are not undertaking any optimisation on your website, at present, make sure you speak to us – we don't just talk, we deliver and we guarantee results.

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