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The EBACE Show in Geneva is the showcase exhibition for private aviation firms around the globe. Universal Weather and Aviation came to TFA as they needed new exhibition stand graphics that would set them apart from their competitors and highlight the benefits of their many services.

TFA thoroughly researched all the services that Universal offers and incorporated them into artwork for their exhibition stand.  Using a mix of simple colour schemes and patterns, along with complimentary colours for different areas of the stand, full 3D renders of the exhibition stand were then created with the artwork in place so that Universal could get a clear idea of the what the completed structure would look like.

The finished stand was an impressive site and the design themes that TFA created really set the stand apart from others at EBACE 2012.  From initial design concepts, through to 3D renders and to eventual completion took a little over 2-weeks; an extremely short amount of time for such a vast project.

TFA will always go the extra mile to ensure that when a project is green lit, it is given immediate attention and completed to agreed timescales.  Meeting client deadlines, no matter how large or small the project, are integral to our ethos on delivering the best possible service to our clients.  The Universal EBACE Stand is a fantastic example of a project - from conception to completion - being turned around in a timely and exemplarily manner, something that TFA are very proud of.

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