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As part of a complete re-brand for Water Services Group who are relaunching themselves as Tunnel Vision, they were looking for an animation production company that could develop a slick and succinct proposition video.

TFA spent some time getting to know Tunnel Vision and their industry. Researching the equipment they use and what is involved in delivering their services and solutions from day to day.

Aims of this Animation

The client wanted us to create an animated video that clearly demonstrated all the key services they provide in an interesting and highly visual way.

The purpose of the video will be to serve as an 'introduction to the Tunnel Vision brand and business' on the company website and also to be used as an opening presentation to new prospective clients and partners.

Tunnel Vision offer a vast array of services and complex technical solutions. We successfully communicated this through an animation which will sit on the home page of their new website.

Creative and Technical Considerations of our Animation Production Agency

We initially took all their key services and illustrated them into clear visuals that were put together to create a storyboard. Vector graphics were made and using after effects we were able to animate the visuals to bring the storyboard to life. We wanted to create something eye-catching, creative but most importantly clear and informative. 

This resulted in high attention to detail animation, or motion graphics,  manually turning our illustrations into a short video, with a custom recorded voiceover. Tunnel Vision thought the animation was fantastic and that it brilliantly demonstrated what they do.

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