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Trinity Expert Systems is one of Europe's leading IT solutions companies and are experts in program management and strategic consulting. Midway through 2012, Trinity approached TFA as they required dedicated brand consultants to look at developing a new brand identity and corporate image that they could introduce in early 2013.

Whilst they were fond of their current branding, they felt that they needed a fresh approach to their corporate image and wanted suggestions as to what direction they should take their company branding.  We looked primarily at refining and developing their current brand identity as opposed to completely starting afresh.

As Trinity already had a recognised corporate brand, and in our role as branding consultants, we felt taking a completely different direction wasn’t really necessary for Trinity and instead, evolving their brand would be the best course of action.  By using their current corporate logo as a starting point, we continually refined and developed their logo to create new alternatives that were fresh, unique and appropriate to Trinity’s brand identity.

Trinity were extremely pleased with the options produced and are looking to re-brand their business over the course of 2013.   Creating a new and exciting brand identity is something as experienced brand consultants in Milton Keynes, TFA are extremely proficient in and will always go the extra mile to involve our clients at each step of the way; ensuring that our final ideas and examples meet our clients expectations thoroughly and completely.

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