Zizo are based here in Milton Keynes and specialise in using data to help businesses run their operations more effectively. They needed a new website that could act as both a gateway to their business, but also as an invaluable presentation tool that could be used in presentations to both existing customers and clients.

Fully Comprehensive Website Design and Development

The approach we took for the design of this site was to make it as simple, clear and approachable as possible.  Because the business of data can be a fairly complicated affair, we wanted to create a website design that would encourage visitors to want to learn more, through a combination of simple visuals and a clearly defined user journey. We also looked into the idea of making the site a useful presentation tool that could be operated as easily on mobile devices as it would on a standard desktop. Along with the eye-catching site design, we created a bespoke CMS system for the website that would allow Zizo to add blog stories and update content as & when it was required.

Intuitive, Visually Appealing Website Design

When the overall website design had been completed, we began the build of the site.  Alongside the website build and development, we integrated both the CMS and also their Analytics data so Zizo could gain statistics on how people were reaching their site and also optimise their SEO if necessary.  Once the integration was complete, we conducted a number of tests on a number of different devices and operating systems to ensure the user experience was consistent and the site was responsive.

The site went live in February this year and has received praise from both clients and staff internally at Zizo – It has also become something of a favourite here at TFA! Creating a visually appealing website doesn’t have to include fancy tricks, expensive animations or throwaway features; sometimes, a clear and intuitive design is just what is required, and Zizo’s new site is a fantastic example of this.