Grant Barnett

Grant Barnett are a leading British Umbrella and Wellington boot manufacturer.

Creative and bold website design

Grant Barnett work in collaboration with some of the biggest fashion and household brands in both the UK and across the world to come up with innovative and new ideas for their beloved umbrellas and wellington boots. The innovation and contemporary flair needed to be reflected in their new website design and TFA were trusted to deliver a website to match this.

The website was built to be reflective of many current creative and cutting edge website design ideas. For our experienced website design specialists and developers, this was a project they reveled in and excelled at.

All the photography featured on the site is original, was commissioned by TFA and art worked by us for the website. Our copywriters wrote much of the text found on the website to be verbally rich and descriptive yet concise and audience appropriate.

Original photography and custom website design

We presented the website designs to Grant Barnett who were very pleased and gave the immediate go-ahead to get cracking with developing the website itself. The finished site included lots of bold bright images of Grant Barnett’s products that move in various ways as you interact with the site. Twirling umbrellas, falling welly boots and 360 degree rotations all go into making the site come alive.

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