Steel Line

Based in the Steel City of Sheffield, Steel Line has been creating bespoke stainless steel furniture for towns and railway stations since 1979.

Product Launch With Our Creative Email Marketing Services

Steel Line had only previously ever used print media to advertise their company and products, so when they decided to try a targeted e-mail campaign for the first time, they approached us as they wanted the experience and advice of a successful e-marketing agency that offers high-quality email marketing services.  Steel Line had also been very happy with previous marketing collateral we had produced for them and were happy for us to take the lead when it came to both designing and writing their e-shot.

As we had only recently created a new brand identity and logo for Steel Line, it made sense to use this new look & feel with the design of the e-shot template.  Our company’s copywriters also created short and punchy text that would grab readers attention and introduce Steel Line to a potentially brand-new audience.

With our email marketing services, we also sourced an accurate and cleansed e-mail data list that Steel Line could use to target new customers in specific sectors.  We also tested the e-mail against various spam filters to ensure the vast majority would reach their intended targets.  The completed e-shot was very well received by Steel Line and thanks to our hard work and service, they are a client we enjoy a good working relationship with to this day.  

E-marketing is something that all companies – be it large or small – should really take advantage of; so why not tap into a potentially new customer base today?  Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to show you how a targeted e-mail promotion can really help your business to flourish. Contact us here to find out more information on our email marketing services.