The Real Cleaning Co

TFA helped Real Cleaning to create a new image and set of messages that stood out in the market and that they could hang their hat on; this was all applied to the design of their new cleaning services website.

Cutting through the noise, like hot soap through grease.

The Real Cleaning Co specialises in high-specification cleaning for commercial and industrial clients. Their projects range from pre-opening shopfit cleans to industrial cleaning on a grand scale.

The consultancy work we conducted on the commercial cleaning market highlighted 25-30 competitors we needed to research and benchmark against. It became apparent that, of all these businesses, only 5 had a particularly strong image and clear offering. This gave us crucial insight in how we could be position the Real Cleaning Co brand.

Our objective was to create a set of messages and images that defined the core proposition in a way that captured the spirit of the business, its people and the advantages of their offering.

Bright, friendly and above all… clean!

Every aspect of brand communication should reflect the vision, values and beliefs of the brand itself – the business and its people. The website is certainly no exception and our research exposed the weaknesses of many competitors that came across as bland, faceless organisations without that personal, friendly touch.

The messages and images we created and applied to the new website design are used throughout the business. We wanted to get across the personable yet highly professional nature of doing business with Real Cleaning and to set them above their competitors as a firm you could truly believe in for the best possible job on any project, whatever the challenges.

You can view the website by clicking here or find out more about our web design and development services by clicking here.