Mecc Alte

Mecc Alte had dabbled with SEO in the past and had very limited success, certainly their view of it was highly apprehensive, but they could not argue with and were enticed by the results we were achieving for other clients.

Significant gains in just 3 months, with 250-400% increases across the board after 6 months.

Tracking over 50 keyword search phrases, after the first 3 months we had achieved significant gains in uplift to search visibility (the amount of searches for specific terms that result in a click) and to keywords ranking on both page 1 and at positon 1.

The results really do speak for themselves, just as we promised.

Within 6 months, you will see from the charts that the gains we delivered were as high as 400% and we outranked the nearest competitor by more than double.

Mecc Alte, after just 6 months, is now leading the UK market in search ranking.

Our approach really works, through genuine hard work and substantial, expertise on current search algorithms and ranking methodology. We cut no corners, we use no automation. That is why we lead on results and do not tie our clients into lengthy contracts.

So pleased with the results, the client has continued to retain our service and is now expanding his investment with TFA to include other countries within the global group.

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