Mayfield are international property management experts who approached TFA as they required a dynamic new website.

A global website for the property and asset management industry

Mayfield take pride in being extremely competent and forward thinking full-service property managers who are specialists in numerous European countries. TFA recognised and used this as the basis for the design concepts created for the website.

The site employed the use of unique navigation touches and a demanding layout in terms of responsiveness which TFA was able to deliver to a high standard.

Custom CMS and location-specific homepage design touches.

The website was designed so the home page would vary depending on which country you viewed the website from.

The CMS used is our recommended CMS F-CAT. It is a customisable and robust CMS, able to fully meet the demands of SEO and any content editing needed.

The client was very pleased with the finished site and had high expectations for what they wanted which they felt were met.

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