When done right, great packaging can make products sing from the shelves. Working with L’Oreal, we achieved just that for their range of luxurious men’s beard grooming products

Eye-catching, shelf stand-out retail packaging

L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, was launching a new range of men’s beard grooming products sitting in the luxury side of their product offerings. With a strong past in beauty market design, TFA was approached to produce a series of luxury packaging design concepts.
TFA’s team of graphic designers went to work researching current L’Oreal products, focussing on how we can make the packaging of a product a sensual experience. We developed a range of concepts being playful and thoughtful with special printing techniques and materials, exploring the use of holographic and overprinting on metallic board.

Bold imagery, clean design and innovative thinking paved the way to slick results

The final result embodied masculine dark colour palettes and textures that oozed elegance, to speak directly to customers that strive for a sharp, well-groomed appearance. Among the concepts were lenticular images that changed with the viewing angle from a rough and ready “”beast”” to a groomed man.
 To sell the ideas to L’Oreal, our team presented back all the ideas as 3D renderings to bring the products to life. To showcase the lenticular concept, we even created a video mock-up to highlight the vibrant and playful experience the customer would get when handling the product. 

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