Daily Life Tracker

Daily Life Tracker is an online fitness and life management application by Inspire A Life. They needed Daily Life Tracker to be responsible for a number of platforms and function as a standalone application.

Aims of the Mobile App Development Project

Inspire A Life were looking for a team of seasoned interactive application user interface developers to design their tool, they approached TFA and our expert in-house team of app developers and asked us to take on their task.

Inspire A Life are a US based company who aim to have Daily Life Tracker at the forefront of the fitness and life management apps on the market today. As a part of our app development services, TFA completely redesigned the application to work intuitively, beautifully and fluidly on mobile.

The Daily Life Tracker application targets different aspects of life management – from physical, and mental well being right the way through to managing finances. TFA designed the app ensuring the user was in mind, allowing them to set their own personal goals and giving the tools to manage them on a day to day basis, as effortlessly as possible. 

Results Achieved by our App Development Services

With TFA’s user interface design the app has stimulating visual displays throughout, giving the user the information on how they are progressing in engaging ways. Most importantly, encouraging them to stick to their goals and meet their all-important targets and do so with ease, and at their convenience.  

Inspire A Life were ecstatic with the user interface design, knowing that TFA kept the user experience at the forefront of our ideas. The application forms an integral part of the Daily Life Tracker product keeping the program well ahead of current trends. TFA have a team of in-house designers and application developers and projects like this are a staple of what we do. 

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