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As part of a range of activities for Acco Brands, TFA was asked to solve a challenging issue that was leading to the possible discontinuation of one of its legacy products. Acco required a team of seasoned interactive application developers to design and develop a simple application that would enable users to quickly, simply and reliably, build their own custom T-Card system kits. Without this, resellers were despairing of the complexity and issues involved in helping buyers to pick the correct kit components.

The T-Card system has largely been phased out by the IT age but, particularly in continental Europe, the manual T-Card planning system is still popular in factories and workshops. The problem was that the T-Card system, which is essentially in custom kit form, is a complex range of constituent parts that vary from country to country and have dependency on one another depending on what specifications the user requires. Lost? That was precisely the issue.

Starting on paper, TFA sketched out a detailed solution that would overcome all of the challenges posed and enable users to build their solution, with absolute confidence, and order it within just a few minutes. A simple step-by-step process, with a drag-and-drop worksheet controlled by a product dependency database meant that users could build only systems that worked, not ones that did not, or with components unavailable to them in their country.

Just four weeks in development and Acco Brands were given a cost-effective solution that overcame all of the issues overnight and allowed the product range live on.  Turning a project around like this is something that TFA specialise in and thanks to a highly experienced in-house digital and website development team, we can offer a wide range of solutions that other marketing consultancies in Buckinghamshire simply can't compete with!

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