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Steel Line is one of the UK's biggest suppliers of bespoke stainless furniture for public realm developments. They came to TFA as they required a new company brochure design to promote their new range of railway furniture. They also required a new corporate logo design that could be incorporated into their marketing material for 2012 and beyond.

TFA created a brochure which focussed on the intricate design details of Steel Line's furniture items whilst emphasis was also placed on the manufacturing methods employed by Steel Line to create their products; something that Steel Line were keen to include.  Once the overall brochure design had been approved, TFA then set about creating a new contemporary corporate logo design that would be in keeping not just with the corporate brochure, but also be suitable for Steel Line's marketing campaigns for 2012 and beyond.

Along with the booklet's design and new company logo, TFA also provided copywriting services by creating new content for the brochure.  TFA thoroughly researched Steel Line, their history and products to create content that was factually accurate and unique to Steel Line; something that the client was particularly impressed with.

Because public realm and railway station businesses are quite esoteric, creating a brochure that was both accessible for the casual reader - as well as key industry personnel - was a key point we considered when creating Steel Line's brochure.  We created content that was both factual and engaging; something that is absolutely crucial when producing top-level promotional material.

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