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Skype is a company that his risen to prominence in a very short space of time thanks to their groundbreaking web telecommunications services. With offices both in the UK and throughout the world, they are now a global brand.

They came to us as they needed a new instructional video to demonstrate how users could use their services and make telephone calls via the internet.  Skype were keen to retain their overarching brand image and identity; so with this in mind, they asked us to create an animated video that incorporated their brand colours and style in an informal video that users would easily understand and follow. 

There was also a lot of content that would need to be explained clearly and, importantly, in a visually appealing way; something that our in-house graphic designers would take in their stride!

Our graphic designers first created flat visuals based on Skype's overarching style.  Once the different chapters were designed and completed, our team of digital developers built the animation as an HTML 5 video (with a Flash fallback).  Interactivity, such as adding clickable areas at certain times in the video and jump-to chapter location controls, was added to the videos using HTML5 , Javascript and JQuery; allowing users to skip chapters or select different 'scenes' if they needed to a review a certain item of information.

Skype were very pleased with the video and use it regularly to demonstrate their product at shows and via customer communications.  This project is also a favourite of the designers here at TFA as it demonstrated how we could take a fairly dry subject matter and turn it into a fun and informative animation.  If you are looking for a video production agency with a proven track record in delivering effective and vibrant films, get in touch with us!

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