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Having successfully designed, built and hosted their new corporate website, gas & oil pipeline giant Smith Flow Control came to TFA when they needed a new corporate brochure design to supplement their existing marketing collateral.

Smith Flow Control loved the overall design of the website the web developers here at TFA had created and wanted this to be reflected in the new brochure design they wanted us to create.  Although we could obviously not transfer the Flash animation elements to the brochure, the 3D design renders that had been created formed the basis of the content for the brochure design.  We also took many elements created for their website and tailored these for use in their new brochure; something that Smith Flow Control were keen for us to accomplish.  Along with the main brochure design and artwork, our copywriting team reviewed all the content that had been supplied and gave it a good polish so that the reader would remain both engaged and informed.

Once the overall brochure design had been approved and any content adjustments completed, our graphic designers also provided insight to Smith Flow Control on how best to have the brochure produced.  If you are planning to print a corporate brochure yourself or via your own means, we will always go the extra mile to provide expertise on how documents should be setup for print and the ideal specifications to set work up to in order to get the best results.

The design of Smith Flow Control's corporate brochure is one of our all-time favourite pieces of work and Smith Flow Control were rightly pleased with the end product.  Although offering a fantastic end product is something that we pride ourselves on, the creative team here at TFA are always happy to give advice on how work should be produced if you plan on 'doing it yourself'.  Good advice is something that comes for free at TFA, and it's one of the reasons why we're an award winning marketing consultancy in Buckinghamshire.

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